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Finally, a dock that charges up to four devices at the same time, and looks great doing it!

Let’s face it- it’s amazing how much technology has changed our lives. In most ways, it’s been for the better, but keeping the devices all charged up has led to problems. Our homes are cluttered by messy white wires, and our outlets are all taken up by little white cubes. 

At Covena Design, we set out to solve these problems- and have a little fun doing it! The result is foaster. foaster’s two main slots each charge one phone. Push foaster’s knob down and the side panels pop out, exposing two additional slots. These slots can charge up to 2 additional phones, or two tablets or “phablets” like the iPhone 6 Plus!

foaster features:

  • Clean, minimal design that looks great in the kitchen, living room, office, or bedroom.
  • Built-in power supply that charges four devices at up to 2.4A each.
  • A single cord to plug into your wall outlet.
  • Micro-suction technology allows 1-handed docking and undocking.
  • Depth of slots allows easy viewing of incoming texts, alerts, and reminders.

Clean, Minimal Design

Who said device chargers need to look boring? We designed foaster to look great in any setting. We kept the design simple and clean, and built in just the right bit of whimsy! foaster looks great next to your Kitchenaid mixer, your Macbook Pro, or on your nightstand!

Built-in Power Supply

foaster’s built in power supply can charge each of your four devices at up to 2.4A. This means your devices will be charged in no time! Plus, foaster’s single cord needs only one outlet freeing up four of your outlets for other uses- like making toast!

One Handed Docking and Undocking

foaster's base is covered in a revolutionary micro-suction foam. This material uses thousands of tiny suction cups to stick foaster firmly to your countertop, desktop, or nightstand. Done charging? Simply lift your device out. When you need to move your foaster, simply twist and lift foaster up. Then, set foaster in its new location the micro-suction will re-engage.

Android Compatibility

While we originally designed foaster around the iPhone and iPad, we've had many requests for the ability to charge Samsungs and other Android phones. We have designed a proprietary "Android" cable adapter that comes with a micro-USB cable. Simply swap this adapter into any of the foaster slots, and you'll be ready to charge your device.

Plus, these user-swappable adapters mean that you can charge any combination of Apple and Android devices in the same foaster.

Note: Since there are so many form-factors to the Android phones, please check the compatibility matrix below. If you do not see your phone, it may not be compatible with foaster. (We will continue to check additional phones and update the matrix.)

Device Compatibility

Below is the list of devices currently confirmed for compatibility. 

(Y = Compatible, N = Not compatible).


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